Hand-lifted High Pressure Reactor


Hand-lifted High Pressure Reactor        

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Technical parameters of Hand-lifted High Pressure Reactor 5L  



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1. Volume: 1L      

2. Design pressure: <10MPa

3. RT--300°C; 

4. Material: SS304;  

5. Type agitation:with Mechanical agitation


1.Volume: 2L      

2.Design pressure: <10MPa


4.Material: SS304;  

5.Type agitation:with Mechanical agitation


1.Volume: 5L      

2.Design pressure: <10MPa


4.Material: SS304;  

5.Type agitation:with Mechanical agitation


1.Volume: 10L      

2.Design pressure: <10MPa


4.Material: SS304;  

5.Type agitation:with Mechanical agitation


1.Volume: 20L      

2.Design pressure: <10MPa


4.Material: SS304;  

5.Type agitation:with Mechanical agitation

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Your benefits of TOPTION this set Hand-lifted High Pressure Reactor 5L:

1.Heating type: Electric heating, water recycling, thermal oil, steam, far infrared heating.

2.Charging type: Charging from above, charging from below.

3.Shaft: Adopt self-lubricating wear-resistant sleeve, suitable for mixing various media.

4.Stirring type: Paddle type or anchor type.

5.Seal type:Magnetic seal, mechanical seal, packing seal.

Motor:General DC motor, DC servomotor or explosion-proof motor according to the customers’ requirements.

6.Main material: Kettle material is mainly used 0Cr18Ni9(304), 00Cr17Ni14Mo2(316L), 1Cr18Ni9Ti(321). And reactor can be produced by can be produced titanium (TA2), nickel material, tantalum material, zirconium, hastelloy, lined PTFE or lined Ni (Ni6) according to different requirements of media.

7.Opening port of conventional kettle lid:

Gas port with needle valve, liquid port with needle valve and tube inserting the bottom, the charging port for the solid with pipe plug, measuring and controlling temperature port with platinum resistance, security blasting port of pressure gauge with pressure gauge safety explosion-proof device, and inlet and outlet of cooling coil inside the reactor with tap.

8.Controller Device

Equipped with automatic temperature regulator, temperature control accuracy of ± 1 °C; With speed display and stepless speed regulation function.

The heating power can be adjusted to achieve the purpose of automatic thermostat.

9.Other Accessories

If the user have other special requirements on kettle cover, kettle body opening, the internal structure, high and low pressure, stirring paddle, and other the supporting device (such as condensate return unit, constant feeding tank, receiver, condenser, etc.) ,we can manufacture reactors according to users’ requirements.

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