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Short Path Distillation Apparatus, Lab Distillation

Release Timeļ¼šDec 06, 2017

Short Path Distillation Apparatus, Lab Distillation

TOPTION company Molecular Distillation is a comparatively new separation technology, which is especially suitable for the separation of the high boiling point and heat-sensitive &  easy oxidation materials,etc.

2L short path distillation apparatus.jpg

You could use this laboratory type 2L short path distillation apparatus to do:

Separation process in industries like Food, Pharmaceutical, Fine chemical, Electronic materials, Polymers (Polyols, fatty acids, polyphenols-compounds, polyurethane, epoxy resin, lactate, glycerol monostearate, flavors and fragrances, fuel oil and paraffin oil), essential oil extraction, etc.

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