• Molecular Distill...

    1. 12 inch hotsale type, lab - pilot - industry wide capacity range.

    2. Automatic & easy operation, 24h/7days continuously working.

    3. Chiller, Heater, High vacuum pump unit is equipped well.

  • Cbd Crystallizati...

    1. Ultrasonic homogenize function combined with jacketed glass reactor perfectly, make material be mixing fuller.

    2. Two types automatic lifting method choose, easy operation and cleaning design.

    3. 50L hotsale type fast delivery within 7 days.

  • Rotavapor Industrial

    1. Rotavapor industrial 100L 50L 20L 10L 5L 3L 2L 1L flexible design, easily scalable.

    2. 15+ years manufacturing experience, support professional customize.

    3. Hydraulic lifting design, convenient & easy operation.

  • Decarboxylation A...

    1. 3 layers stainless steel reaction tank.
    2. Continuously ethanol recovery and achieve decarb purpose directly.
    3. UL certified motor is optional.

  • Dual Rotary Evapo...

    1.Dual condenser design, makes the condensation area & collection capacity to be greatly enhanced. 2.High efficient cooling capacity, and less waste. 3.Explosion proof motor, UL certificated motor is available.

  • Rotary Evaporator...

    1.Rotary evaporator new design, efficient solvent remove | ethanol recovery.
    2.1L ~100L capacity flexible customize.
    3.Stock available for fast delivery within 7 days.

  • 220lbs Ethanol Ex...

    1.Biomass/batch wide range 15lbs, 30lbs,50lbs, 110lbs,160lbs, 220lbs.
    2.UL certification, GMP standard.
    3.Simple operation by one operator.

  • Storage Tank

    1. Material SS304 stainless steel, durable long service life.
    2. Tank internal automatic rotary spray cleaning, thoroughly clean without dead ends.
    3. Wide application, you can use it wherever you want, ethanol,water,food,juice,milk,etc.

  • Infrared Forehead...

    1.Adopting reliable sensor made in Germany.
    2.℃/℉ reading available.
    3.3 Colors backlight LCD for easy reading.