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Scraped Film Type Film Evaporator Solution 

Scraped Film Type Film Evaporator solution provide for our customer from USA, this kind of scraped film type film evaporator is widely used in heat exchange project, especially for heat sensitive material (short time) heat exchange, details are traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, Light food, Grease chemical, Synthetic resin,Synthetic fiber, Petrochemical, Biological pesticide, Waste water, etc.

The advantages of scraped film type film evaporator contains: 

1. Vacuum pressure drop is small, vacuum degree could arrived 5mmHg, make your research more efficient.

2. Operating temperature is low, reduce material thermal decomposition.

3. Heating time is short, the material will not stay at the evaporator surface as high speed film flow,so this scraped film. 

evaporator is suitable for heat sensitive material evaporation.

4. Evaporation intensity is strong, improve the film evaporator overall coefficient of heat transfer.

5. Operating flexibility is big.

Make your research more accurate, efficient and safe, more details please contact us.